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 Why commission new music? 

New music, written especially for you and your groups is truly special because of the exciting sense of ownership that comes with it. Creating a new piece of music from scratch together with a composer makes the choir and the music connect in a personal way, and makes performances more passionate and meaningful.
Commissioning helps keep music fresh and evolving, introducing audiences to new sounds and ideas. Plus, working directly with composers is a great learning experience for choir members, helping them understand music on a deeper level. This whole process brings everyone involved closer to the music and to each other.

 How to get started 

 Things to consider 

If you want to commission Oliver, he would be delighted to work with you. Oliver is quite busy at the moment so a one- year lead in would normally be expected. This early notice makes sure your project can have the spotlight it deserves.

The scale of what you're aiming for (whether it’s a choir or a whole orchestra) really shapes how big the project gets and what it’ll cost. It’s very helpful to have a clear idea of what you want from the start.

The length of the piece also plays a part in how much work it’ll take and how much it’ll end up costing. More music means more resources.


Oliver is happy to write in all sorts of styles. Whether you've got something specific in mind or need some inspiration, he is very happy to chat this through.

If you’ve got a budget in mind, sharing that early on can help to work out what’s possible.  The goal is to bring your vision to life in a way that fits your budget.

 Let's talk! It's easy ...  

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